ヒプアニ音楽集『Straight Outta Rhyme Anima』パッケージ3Dイメージ公開!

1/13発売『Straight Outta Rhyme Anima』の3Dイメージを公開!



コンテンツ制作:株式会社ファソテック (









1.ヒプノシスマイク -Rhyme Anima-/Division All Stars

2.Rhyme Anima’s Mixtape/Division All Stars

3.RUN THIS CITY/Buster Bros!!!


5.RED ZONE(Don’t test da Master)/MAD TRIGGER CREW


7.3 Seconds Killer/Buster Bros!!!


9.Bayside-Suicide/MAD TRIGGER CREW

10.JACKPOT!/Fling Posse

11.D.R.B Rhyme Anima -1st Battle- Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW/Buster Bros!!! ・MAD TRIGGER CREW

12.D.R.B Rhyme Anima -2nd Battle- Fling Posse VS 麻天狼/Fling Posse・麻天狼

13.D.R.B Rhyme Anima -Final Battle- MAD TRIGGER CREW VS 麻天狼/MAD TRIGGER CREW・麻天狼

14.Love Dimension/Secret Aliens

15.D.R.B Rhyme Anima -EX- The Dirty Dawg VS Secret Aliens/The Dirty Dawg・Secret Aliens

16.絆/Division All Stars


【DISC2】Original Sound Track

  1. Street Beat
  2. One for all, All for one
  3. Hangin’ Out
  4. A Moment of Peace
  5. Back to Normal
  6. Smooth Sailin’
  7. In Our Division
  8. Investigation
  9. Pissed Off
  10. Bad Premonition
  11. Nerve-rackin’
  12. Disquieting Manner
  13. Dangerous Ground
  14. Looming Fear
  15. Secret Plan
  16. (CHU-OH-KU)Conspiracy
  17. Divide and Conquer
  18. Firestarter
  19. Style Wars
  20. Start a Beef
  21. Face to Face
  22. Feelin’ Low
  23. Throwing Back Memories
  24. Set an Answer
  25. Tense Situation
  26. Now or Never
  27. Begin the Battle
  28. About to Blow
  29. Shouts of Triumph
  30. Clear Victory
  31. Turnabout
  32. Over the Battle
  33. Squashed
  34. After the Fuss
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